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What should I say in my query letter to find a new publisher?
Q: I am currently looking for a new publisher because my first publisher decided not to take my next two books. What should I say in my query letter to new publishers?

Publishers know the decision not to take a book can be made for many reasons that have nothing to do with the quality of the book –the publisher may have another book in house on the same subject; the house may have reduced the size of its list, an editor may change, or the book may just not fit their list. Even if the reason is that the sales for your first books were not what your publisher had hoped, it’s possible another publisher with a different approach could have had better results.

A query letter to other publishers should focus on the new books and their merits. Tell each one why you think these books would fit their list. Explain what you thought worked well with the marketing of your previous books, explain where you think improvements could have been made, and suggest ideas specific to the new books. 10:11/93