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How long does it take to reprint a book?
Q: I’ve found out that inventory is low on one of my books, and I want to ask my publisher about plans for another printing. How long does it take to reprint a book?

According to Tim Moses, Director of Publicity for Special Projects at Penguin Putnam, “the amount of time it takes to reprint depends mostly on whether the book needs to be printed here or in the Far East. Picture books are often done there because it substantially reduces the printing cost. When that is the case, it can take as long as 5 months (3 months for printing, 1 month on the ship, 1 month to clear customs). If the book is mostly text and can be printed locally, the timing can be between 2-4 weeks.” I’d expect that there would be some variation among publishers and, of course, there are times a publisher can rush a book through in special circumstances (i.e. a book being on the best-seller list, winning a major award, etc.). 1-2:02