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Working With Publishers

Do publishers object to having authors promote their own books?
Q: What do publishers think about authors promoting their own books? Will they do less for a book because the author is actively marketing it?

It is unlikely that a publisher would do less for a book because the author is promoting it. The expectation is that the author will not interfere or overlap with the publisher’s marketing activities.

Opinions vary on how much an author should do. Many publishers encourage authors to do publicity in their local communities and to get on the lecture circuit to schools and libraries. Some will guide and support authors who want to extend the house’s publicity and marketing efforts. Others try to discourage authors from participating because they are afraid an author will become too demanding or will hinder the publisher’s own efforts.

For that reason, it is advisable to discuss plans with your publisher in advance. Keep them informed of your progress and report on your results. This may give them ideas for marketing possibilities for your future books. 9:10/92