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Should I consider self-publishing my backlist books that go out of print?

Q: My publisher is letting two of my backlist books go out-of-print and I am considering publishing the books myself. I do school visits and think I could sell a lot on my own. Do you think this is advisable? If so, how should I proceed?

If you think you can print a large enough quantity to keep down the cost, sell what you print and still make a profit, self-publishing is a good idea. School visits can provide a stable base for selling your books then you can decide whether you want to expand your distribution through other channels.

The first thing to do, whether you are planning to self-publish or not, is to ask the publisher if you can buy the films they’ve made of your books. Once you have those, you’ll be able to reprint without resetting type and shooting new negatives. If you are not self-publishing the books, you can offer the films to other publishers who may be interested in bringing your books back into print. 10:11/95