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What can be done to publicize a board book?

Q: I am considering having publicity done for a board book and would like as much information as I can get on what kinds of things can be done.

There are a lot of good outlets for doing publicity for a board book, particularly now with all the mommy and daddy blogs that have been cropping up. You can promote it a lot of different ways, depending on the topic, author, illustrator/designer and timing of the book. For example, we’ve worked with many that were holiday or gift oriented, such as a Easter or Halloween book. Valentine’s Day and Graduation are good for books, particularly novelty books, that have adult crossover appeal. Board books are great stocking stuffers for the Christmas season and easy-to-pack items for traveling with toddlers. It’s also good to look for special features of the book to highlight when promoting it, such as innovative design; lift-the-flap, touch-and-feel, or other toy or play elements of the book.
You could also consider putting tips on your website for parents and others for using the book in different ways. I remember a Johnson & Johnson crib toy we bought for our kids that had a whole parent guide that came with it suggesting ways to use the toy as a teething ring, a way of recognizing colors, teaching shapes, testing eye-hand coordination, and using as a character to act out a story from a book – and that was just for a simple baby rattle.

Also consider whether there’s a story to share about the creation of the book, the author or illustrator, or something inherent about the topic that is interesting or useful and than can help differentiate it. 1:2/10