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What can authors do to promote their books on-line?

Q: What can authors do to promote their books on-line?

One of the most exciting new areas on the Internet for children’s authors is “Authors Online”, a part of Scholastic Network. “Authors Online”, which has featured Paul Zindel, Katherine Patterson, Avi, Jane Yolen, and R.L. Stine, among others, provides students and children at home with the opportunity of an on-line visit with a favorite author. Special events sometimes center around popular characters or themes, as when Jane Yolen did a Women’s History Month appearance in character as a women pirate from one of her books.

“Authors Online” will host 15 to 20 authors this year. Each is invited to spend 2 to 3 weeks responding on the network to kids’ questions. Segments are scheduled far in advance.

While “Authors Online” has concentrated its attention on very well-known authors, Senior Producer Felicia Halpert says they are open to suggestions from authors with creative ideas. Mac or PC-equipped authors can send queries with biographical and any award information, and book samples to: “Authors Online,” Scholastic Network, 555 Broadway, New York, NY 10003.

There are also two prominent children’s book reviewers on the Internet. They are Wendy Betts, who can be contacted at, or P.O. Box 401, Santa Cruz, CA 95061; and Steve Brock who is at, or 2323 Mapleton, Boulder, CO 80304. 6:7/95