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Should I send producers audio and videotapes of interviews I’ve done?

Q: Is it useful to send producers videotapes and audio tapes of interviews I’ve done? Do they use these to select guests?

Unless you’ve specially produced a video press release or professional audio of a performance, it is unlikely that a producer would take the time to view or listen to an unsolicited tape. I do think, however, that it’s always a good idea to collect video and audio tapes from shows you’ve been on to use for publicity.

I suggest using the videotapes and audio tapes you’ve described to producers when they have expressed interest in your work and are willing to consider you as a guest. At that point, a tape can show them that you are comfortable on the air and won’t freeze up in front of a camera. It can also help them become more familiar with topics you can discuss.

In my experience, producers are more likely to respond to a telephone query and a follow up letter, press kit and book, than to a tape as a means of selecting guests. I think it’s because sending a tape requires them to take the extra step to commit time to viewing or listening, rather than quickly scanning written material. Low tech, but true! 4:5/94