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How can authors who live in large cities get local media coverage?

Q: How can authors who live in large cities get local media to pay attention to their books? For me, local is New York City and it’s hard to get media attention here.

Authors and illustrators who live in large cities have a hard time establishing themselves with their local media for several reasons.First, there are a lot of other locally-based celebrities vying for attention. There are also a lot of visiting celebrities to compete with.

My suggestion is to stress unique angles for the book and your particular areas of expertise, so if they need an expert on a particular topic, your name will be on file. You can also stress the benefits ofbeing local. One benefit is that you can be available on short notice(consider a New York TV show that has to fill a slot when a scheduled guest can’t fly in because of a winter storm). Another is that you maybe doing local events that are publicizable (for example, we did NewYork publicity for an author’s school visit because the students were staging a play based on the author’s new book). Establishing relationships with local media in these cases will take longer, but you have the additional advantage of having more media to work with. 3:4/99