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Learning the Ropes of PR

What’s the best way to promote young adult fiction?

Q: What advice can you give for publicizing young adult fiction?

The first thing to do is to look for non-fiction elements in the novel. Where does the story take place? Does it fit a special interest category? Can it be considered timely, controversial, or topical? Is the format unusual? Is there a non-fiction foreword or afterward that provides a factual component to the book?

Consider the book in the context of the author’s body of work or background. Is it a departure from previous books? Does it relate to events in the author’s life? Was there a particular event that prompted the writing of this book? Was it a particularly difficult book to write?

Then consider the questions that help position the book in the marketplace. How does this book compare with others that have been written on the topic? What feelings will it evoke in readers? What have advance reviews said about the book? Why do you as the author feel it is special? 2:3/97