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One reader’s success story

Q: One reader’s success story

I recently received a letter from author Thomas Owens, a “SCBWI Bulletin” reader, asking me to share his “success story” on promoting to local media. I think his idea of readers sharing experiences is an excellent one, and I would be happy to include other authors’ and illustrators’ accounts in future “To Market” columns. Thanks, Mr. Owens, for your suggestion, and best wishes with your promotional efforts. [The following is an excerpt from his letter.]

“Your comments about the hometown media being accessible are mostly on target. However, our local newspaper reporter seemed ho-hum about covering Collecting Comic Books, described by him as “yet another” book of mine. To give them the special hometown hook for a story angle, I pointed out that the dedication thanked a local librarian and a 12-year-old area collector. Therefore, the newspaper interviewed THEM, recounting their praise of me, the book, and comic books in general. Instead of telling the public my book was worthy, two other sources “showed,” reinforcing the “show, don’t tell” maxim.” 2:3/96