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What is the appropriate grade of paper to use for submitting manuscripts?

Q: My writing critique group has been discussing the appropriate grade of paper to use for submitting manuscripts. Some sources say to usenon-erasable bond, while others suggest premium, water-marked, 25%cotton paper. Could you please advise on what is the current industry standard?

I’d never heard that there was a specific type of paper to use for submitting manuscripts, I think any type of bond in white or off-white would be fine (I was on the receiving end at one point and saw some scary submissions written in crayon and on torn-out notebook paper — not a good idea — but normal double-spaced text on white or off-white paper should be fine). I did check with Scholastic’s Senior Vice President and Publisher Jean Feiwel, and she said, “As far as I am aware, there isn’t an industry standard for the type of paper to use.” 1-2:02