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Do you have any advice, for authors looking to acquire an agent?

Q: I am an SCBWI member seeking advice about acquiring an agent. As both a children’s author and a teacher, I’ve thus far been able to handle my own marketing. I’ve had seven books published: five beginning readers and two chapter books with educational publishers. Do you have any advice, for authors in my position?

While there’s no easy answer to how you can land a literary agent, the fact that you’re a published author should help. As a SCBWI member, you can request the list of literary agents who handle children’s books. You can narrow the list by considering what kind of books an agent handles, the location of the agency (if that matters to you), and the size of the agency. After that, you’ll have to go through the submission process to a literary agency in the same way that you would to a publishing house. In your query you should include information on awards your books have won, list (or enclose copies of) important reviews, and provide an overview of the sales history of your books. 5-6:02