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How can I get a speaking spot at teacher or library conventions?

Q: I would like to speak at or attend a national teacher or library conference. How does that process work?

You can certainly attend regional or national conventions. Many authors and illustrators do, particularly when events are in their area. You can register online in advance or can get a day pass at the show. This will enable you to visit the exhibits and author autographings that are held throughout the day and, depending on the conference, you may also be able to arrange to attend some of the sessions. It’s a great learning experience, and an opportunity to network and find out what else is being published in the field.

For conferences you’d like to speak at, you can tell your publisher what you’d like to speak about and see if they’d propose you. That’s beneficial because there’s a lot of competition for the slots, particularly with the nationals, and they’d know the best approach for specific conferences. If not, you can also check the conference websites of those that are of interest to you and look at their guidelines for speakers. Many post that along with their application form. Keep in mind that conferences plan far ahead. 5:6/10