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Services We Provide

Specialize in marketing, promoting and publicizing parenting and family-related books, products and initiatives for children and teens, including books, toys, audio books, award programs and conferences. We also specialize in company and product launches. Our work includes:

  • National Media Campaigns
  • App Campaigns
  • Author Tours
  • Children’s Market Research
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Blog Tours
  • Web Consulting
  • Websites – create content, design look and feel, programming, database work, e-commerce, marketing (links etc.)
  • Focus Groups
  • Telecourses
  • Workshops
  • Research projects and bibliographies
  • Internet Marketing
  • Web Seminars
  • Catalogs and newsletters – write copy, design and layout, pre-press, sign-off
  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Trade shows – exhibit planning, special promotions, advertising
  • Promotion of publisher’s list to the education and library markets
  • Special projects

Web Seminars
Raab Associates has also hosted web seminars on behalf of clients and selected authors in conjunction with industry consultant, Jeanette Larson. These are designed to aid libraries in planning children’s and family programming. Topics have included science-based activities, theater arts, rhythm and rhyme storytelling, activities that involve the fantasy genre.

Past programs have featured guest authors Jennifer Armstrong, Robie Harris, Emma Walton Hamilton, Roxie Munro, Vicki Cobb, Jean Marzollo, Wendy Lichtman and Nina Hess. If you’re interested in custom program (for 50 or more participants) for a library system or school district, please contact us.

Telecourses from Raab Associates
Raab Associates provides courses-by-phone for children’s book authors and illustrators, for literary agent groups and others who want advice on children’s publishing and career management. Courses are led by Susan Salzman Raab, national marketing advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and president of Raab Associates.

Telecourses are 1 hour in length to allow time for discussion. Group session topics can be customized.

#1 Marketing Strategies for Breaking in to Children’s Publishing

What does it take to get published today? What mix of timing, inspiration, determination, networking and perseverance does it take to attract the attention of a publisher? Can good books succeed these days? Topics include:

  • Building a strong foundation
  • Expanding your network
  • Finding mentors
  • Casting a wide net
  • Marketing strategies to use before publication
  • Laying groundwork for continued success


#2 Children’s Books 101 — Author Overview

Publishing is a close-knit business, and it’s hard for new authors and illustrators to learn about the industry. This is for anyone wondering:

  • How do I start building a career?
  • Whom can I talk to?
  • Which meetings should I attend?
  • Which organizations should I join?
  • What goes on inside a publishing house?
  • What can I realistically expect from a publisher?

#3 Marketing for Published Authors

Understanding the market is important and there are a lot of questions. How can you work most effectively with your publisher? What should you be doing on your own? When’s the right time to consider hiring an agency to promote your books. This course is designed for published authors who want to explore and expand their marketing options. Topics include:

  • The role of the author
  • Working with publishers
  • Weathering bad reviews
  • Broadening your audience
  • Working with schools and bookstores
  • Publicity strategies online and off

#4 Networking Etiquette

Etiquette’s important whether you’re contacting the media, networking with new contacts at a convention, or negotiating with your publisher. The more you know about their expectations and objectives, the better prepared you’ll be to know where you fit in. Here’s a chance to discuss the sticky situations we’ve all faced and to plan good strategies. Topics include:

  • Building relationships that matter
  • How to spark interest in your books
  • Common mistakes on the convention floor
  • Recognize danger signs that you’re pushing too hard
  • Establishing a reputation worth building on
  • Mail/Phone/E-Mail/In-Person – who to contact, when and how

#5 The Publishing Series

This is a 2-hour course with a course book that
covers a broad range of topics and can be customized based on the
experience level of participants.

  • What you should know – the language and methodology of publishing from acronyms formats to technique
  • Outlining the timelines for publishing and marketing
  • Getting the most from conventions
  • Recognizing danger signs and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Establishing a reputation that gets attention and which you can build on
  • Mail/Phone/E-Mail/In-Person – who to contact, when and how

Services Fees and Consulting Services
Raab Associates works with clients on an annual, project or monthly basis. Fees are based on project estimates.We also regularly provide consulting and research services for individuals and for publishers. For pricing and information, call 914-241-2117, or email us at
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We look forward to hearing from you.