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“Twenty-five years ago, Raab Associates partnered with our tiny, fledgling publishing company to help market and promote our children’s books, written by three unknown writers, of whom I was one. With grace, energy, friendliness, and hard work, Susan Raab taught us what to do and connected us to book sellers, schools and libraries. Today, with millions of books sold, I reflect with gratitude and appreciation on Susan Raab’s help, which got my books off to such a good start.”

–Valerie Tripp, American Girls Collection, author


“Susan Raab and her team at Raab Associates are invaluable to The Julie Andrews Collection. Because they focus exclusively on children’s books, they have a unique perspective on the industry, and are truly passionate about what they do. They have raised the bar considerably for our publishing program, supporting us in every area from publicity to marketing and promotion, and more. Their expertise in new media has been an additional boon, and we have learned so much from working with them. We cannot sing their praises more highly!”

– Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton

“I have worked with Susan Raab for well over fifteen years (I’m not sure either of us knows how long it’s been.) And in that time, the number of my interviews, reviews, book tours–and just plain book sales–has risen dramatically. She has always been enthusiastic, supportive, knowledgeable, inventive, and certainly very attentive. I can’t see going on toward the future without having her as part of my team.”

–Jane Yolen, author

“The SCBWI has worked happily and effectively with Raab Associates for many years. Susan has helped promote our conferences, worked with many of our authors to establish and execute their career goals, and helped SCBWI define its audience and mission. She has taught invaluable marketing sessions to our members and writes a regular column in our publication which goes out to 23,000 members. She is an integral part of the children’s book community, remaining always on the cutting edge of the changes in the industry.”

–Lin Oliver, Executive Director, SCBWI

Susan is a passionate advocate for children’s literature. She has a quiet tenacity that is highly effective and her connections within the industry are superb. It has been a real pleasure working with someone who has understood the importance of all forms of media and technology these past twenty-five years.

–Tim Ditlow, VP, Brilliance Audio

“Raab Associates is an invaluable member of our team. They care about our books, our authors, and the work we do, and that shows in how and where they promote our titles. They think outside of the box, but they can also work within the box when necessary. They are realistic, honest, professional and enthusiastic, and they make things happen. Our reputation and professional profile have truly benefited by our association with them.”

–Kira Lynn, publisher, Kane Miller

“Since my StoryApp Tour, Beware Madame La Guillotine, launched, Susan Raab and Raab Associates have been an invaluable asset to its growing success. Susan helped spread the word far and wide as soon as it hit the app store, resulting in rave reviews from authorities on children’s literature as well as the travel and leisure and app crowd and with syndicated NPR affiliates. And queries continue to roll in. I can hardly keep up with the requests for guest posts. A big shout of gratitude to Raab Associates! I recommend their expertise without reservation.”

–Sarah Towle, founder, StoryApp Tours

“I worked with Susan and her amazing team for several years and can tell you it was a great relationship. Her team was responsible for all our U.S. publicity and their professionalism came through season after season. Susan was responsive to all requests – both reasonable and those less so – and handled our account beautifully. On one occasion, when she was handling a major tour for us, it was obvious she went the extra mile, keeping us informed of happenings both good and bad and setting context to enable us to decide how to proceed. Susan, Joyce and her crew are pros!”

–Judy Brunsek, Consultant & Former VP, Sales & Marketing, Kids
Can Press

“I appreciate the connections that Raab Associates has made for me. They have enabled me to take advantage of different kinds of reviews and interviews that never would have happened without them.”

–Ed Young, author

“Raab Associates has been strategic and effective in reintroducing and positioning our infant/toddler learning line. The Raab Associates team creatively consulted on marketing and publicity and also handled broad multi-channel publicity for the line that resulted in a steady stream of coverage, including generating some out-of-the-box opportunities.”

Harriet Ziefert, publisher

“Raab Associates gave shape and style to my website, unifying a widely diverse collection of titles. Identifying the common thread that runs through my work and then planning a publicity campaign around it was fun to watch — and it was great to be on the receiving end of it, too!

–Jennifer Armstrong, author

“In September, 2009, I selected Raab Associates to help publicize my second book, Get Out! 150 Easy Ways for Kids and Grown-Ups to Get Into Nature and Build a Greener Future. The agency had been recommended to me, and they did not disappoint. I was especially impressed by their interest and enthusiasm for my environmental book, and by their business-like approach to working with me. My book received mention on hundreds of Websites, including those of television and radio stations, as well as newspapers and newswires. Other highlights included radio and tv interviews, and numerous reviews. I also received status reports regularly, which I very much appreciated.”

–Judy Molland, author

“Several months before my middle-grade novel Secrets, Lies and Algebra was published, I turned to Susan Raab for help because, like so many other authors, I thought of myself as being very bad at marketing.

The tag line on Raab Associates website says “Bringing Your Story to Market” and that is, of course, what they do beautifully. But they did something else as well: they brought me to market. Susan and her team taught me and encouraged me and inspired me. With their assistance, I developed an online presence, a Webinar for librarians, and a greater understanding of how to reach my readers. Raab Associates were always–and I do mean always–a pleasure to work with.”

–Wendy Lichtman, author

“Susan Raab has a reputation of being one of the best in the business, and our experience with her confirmed that her reputation is deserved. For Tanglewood books, she got reviews and coverage in a wide variety of blogs and websites with big readerships and also got some wonderful radio interviews, one of which led to a movie producer contacting us about doing a film of the book. She gives credibility to any book she works on, along with insights and advice about how to build a brand. I highly recommend her.”

–Peggy Tierney, publisher, Tanglewood Press

“Raab Associates provided me with the most professional and yet friendly help in promoting my two YA novels, Marvel the Marvelous, and Hiding Glory, as well as two of my horse-based literary/photographic anthologies. It was always a great pleasure working with Susan Raab and her assistants. They reached an audience through the internet that I would not have known how to find. Their follow through was also remarkable and their services fairly priced. I can only highly recommend this agency if you want more
for the new bloom of your book than to wither in the warehouse.”

Laura Chester, author and editor

“Raab Associates did an excellent job handling marketing and publicity for my children’s books, including placing national features with outlets including Associated Press and Newsweek. They also consulted on new outlets and technology ideas for my books and artwork. I enjoyed meeting the people there and working with them.”

–Jean Marzollo, author

“Susan and Co’s marketing and publicity assistance was critical to me in ensuring that my book didn’t get lost among shuffle, even though (or perhaps because) I had a big-name publisher. Their expertise was evident from the beginning, and the steady stream of ‘Google Alerts’ on my title was a testament to their contacts. Hurray for Raab Associates!”

–Kimberly K. Jones, author

“I wanted to work with Raab Associates when the sequel to Princess Nevermore came out. A dozen years had passed since its publication, so I wanted to do all I could to get the word out about the sequel, especially/ when I’d seen comments online that said, “I wish there was a second book.

Raab Associates did a wonderful job of highlighting Cam’s Quest in the media–getting it out to bloggers and web reviewers. I know the book got a lot more attention than it would have otherwise. I was pleased with the way Raab Associates kept me in the loop so I knew exactly what was happening. They also went out of their way to feature a couple other new books I had coming out at the same time.

All in all, I was very pleased to work with them, and I highly recommend their services.”

–Dian Curtis Regan, author

“As I neared the publication of my self-published book, I contacted Raab Associates about the possibility of marketing my work. I found Susan Raab and her staff to be extremely professional and supportive, and they led me down the right path with a comprehensive and successful marketing and publicity plan. The plan included assistance with starting a
great website, a full publicity plan, and assistance in obtaining essential book reviews.

It is not easy to have a self-published book noticed, but Raab Associates was able to secure that notice on a national scale. Not only was this group effective, but they were like family – working hard to get my book out there while all the time cheering me on to the next step. I highly recommend Raab Associates as knowledgeable and truly effective marketing and promotion specialists.

–Beverly Slomka, author

“Raab Associates’ efforts allowed me to present the work of Virginia Hamilton, especially the collection of speeches I edited to a wider audience beyond the “usual” efforts of the publishers, my own attempts and broke new ground. Their efforts are many and varied, especially in the world of digital blogging, print media and radio around the country, which we’d identified as targets.

Susan and her colleagues achieved everything we had talked about in this process. I reached so many people not “usually” connected with youth literature. It was a pleasure and a joy to begin to achieve these connections…certainly supplementing and broadening the work of book marketing.”

Adoff, author

“I have had the opportunity to work with Susan Raab and Raab Associates on several occasions, a long term contract while I worked at Kids Can Press and at my current position at Groundwood Books on a marketing campaign for one of our lead titles. In all instances I have been very satisfied with the amount of media attention our books have received. We achieved a breadth of coverage that we would never have been able to match using our own resources. Raab Associates also gained us exposure not just in traditional print media but also provided access to radio and the web.

My relationship with Susan Raab has been and remains a great resource of information and insight into the world of publishing and marketing. Her understanding of electronic marketing at a very early stage in its adoption was very helpful to me as I’m sure it has been for all her clients. I have not hesitated in recommending Raab Associates to any
colleague in the publishing industry who is looking for an extra edge in getting their products additional exposure in this highly competitive industry.”

–Fred Horler, Institutional Marketing Manager, Groundwood Books

“Susan Raab and her team are highly professional, knowledgeable and committed to providing the best service to publishers and authors. Any project they undertake is in excellent hands.”

–Brigitte Waisbert, Marketing Manager, Annick Press

“When my two books A Day with No Crayons and The Planet Hunter got lost in a publishing acquisitions shuffle, Raab Associates saved them from certain obscurity. With target pitches to newspapers, magazines and web sites, Raab Associates got the word out to interested reviewers and readers. The books won some accolades and awards and both are still in print, something I know would not have happened without the work of Susan and her team.”

–Elizabeth Rusch, author

“Raab Associates’ innovative online approach for the promotion of my children’s book ‘I Am Jack’ led to a high online response with numerous reviews from the Smithsonian Institute to Curriculum Review across the USA as well as radio interviews across the country.

Raab Associates’ approach is a consultative one where my views and ideas were always considered and discussed to create releases and approaches that maintained the integrity of the work. They always responded to requests quickly and were proactive. Their accessibility ensured that I was included in the processes. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them.”

–Susanne Gervay, author