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How We Work

  • Raab Associates is a marketing and publicity agency that, since 1986, has built a international reputation on providing innovative, effective marketing and publicity campaigns for corporations, brands, authors, illustrators and products for children and families.
  • Our goals are:
    • to advocate for the highest quality products for youth and families
    • to help authors, illustrators, and creative talent reach a broader audience
    • to advise companies and individuals on marketing strategies
    • to promote programs and initiatives that support excellence in the field
  • We also serve as consultants and recommend other specialists as appropriate. Unlike many firms, we do not accept or pay referral fees. This allows us to make objective recommendations in client and consulting relationships.
  • We are constantly adapting our systems and our strategies to meet the increasingly complex needs of our clients and address changes in the marketplace. Our systems have served as models for other companies and have provided us with the ability to track and evaluate data on media interest in thousands of books and products; disseminate client information quickly and efficiently to media, institutions, and others who can advocate for the people and products we’re promoting. The systems also allow us to cross-select media, to accommodate special interest contacts for specialized campaigns, and to provide fast responses to client requests.
  • Our sales-automation system is updated annually enabling us to integrate our database capabilities with Internet and social technology.